SFOS version without upgrade

All the apps came back after another reboot. I had tried several prior to this. See my thread Core apps not opening after 4.4 update - #2 by AlanBreen

I’ve rebooted several times, but that didn’t solve the problem. I tried “sfos-upgrade --verify”:
[root@XperiaXA2 nemo]# sfos-upgrade --verify
Notice: Do you want to ensure this SailfishOS installation to be complete and up to date? (y/N) y

Notice: For troubleshooting issues with the upgrade proper, please consult https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005795474

- Stopping osupdate-check.timer
- Stopping aliendalvik.service

- Setting SSU to SailfishOS release:
Changing release from to
Your device is now in release mode!

- Fetching and installing the SailfishOS upgrade from to (this may take a while):
Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=102319ms)

NO UPDATES FOUND. Try again later.

Notice: After rebooting, do not miss to run post_sfos-upgrade
[root@XperiaXA2 nemo]#

then i reboot and try post_sfos-upgrade

[root@XperiaXA2 nemo]# post_sfos-upgrade
- Cleaning logfiles of duplicate entries.
- systemupdate_4.4.0.58-from- O.K.
Summary: Processed 1 untidy log file(s) in /var/log successfully.

- Removing outdated Store version info.

- Refreshing pkcon's caches:
Refreshing cache
Refreshing software list
- Checking for updates per pkcon:
Getting updates
No packages require updating to newer versions.
[root@XperiaXA2 nemo]#

But browser, e-mail and other programs do not start. To put it more precisely: When trying to start programs, “nothing” happens. As if the query about “sandboxing” should open here, but it is not shown

I ended up re-flashing my X after a disastrous upgrade broke everything.

I haven’t been able to log in to Dropbox to recover my backup, something broken with that facility in 4.4 :frowning:

i try to reinstall the “broken” apps, but

[root@XperiaXA2 nemo]# pkcon install --allow-reinstall sailfish-browser
Änderungen werden getestet
Schwerwiegender Fehler: das zu installierende sailfish-browser- erfordert 'libnemotransferengine-qt5.so.2', aber diese Anforderung kann nicht bereitgestellt werden
[root@XperiaXA2 nemo]#

Is there really no solution to completely re-flash the device??

Dropbox works only through gmail account linking, if you use it to download/restore backup it will stop working, have to delete it and add again

Is that a new “feature”? I have had a Dropbox account that has worked fine until now

It’s like this since 4.1 apparently, but should work if usb/mmc are not an option (just create a dummy gmail/dropbox account for the restore)

ok… i re-flashed my XA2 and now i try to restore the data from the backup.
But: the restore aborts with the notes :frowning: No contacts were restored either. What the f*ck! Why did I create a backup?
Does anyone have an idea how I can get the data?

Create the symlink nemo->defaultuser or mount/unzip with approriate tool…

When the update is being downloaded, all the repositiories get switched to Interrupting the download of the update leaves the system in such a state…

It happened to me too when I interrupted downloading the 4.4 update. I realized it when I then tried to download the ofono package from (to replace my patched version that the update was complaining about) and it downloaded it from repo instead, which broke telephony.

I fixed it as follows:

  • devel-su
  • ssu re (or whatever version you really have)
  • ssu ur
  • pkcon refresh

Then make sure that the correct version is set by typing:

  • ssu re
  • ssu repos

This should correct the version to the one you really have and you should be able to redownload broken packages, and then restart and apply the 4.4 update.

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Thanks, but a wee bit late :smirk:. I re-flashed my phone last night :sleeping:. But your help will help some later, thanks for posting here!
But honestly. We’re on SailfishOS version 4.4 and Jolla can’t get a clean update process and the backup tool is a joke too?
Why does the backup abort when encountering an error of ONE part? I have now made a copy of the backup file and edited it with 7Zip: Deleted the “Notes” folder. And then I was able to import the backup. Only the notes are missing.

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I think it was no good idea to keep a two way strategy at the moment of the change from nemo to defaultuser. So every update must or should take care that some users still have the old nemo paths, and as we see it doesn’t work in many cases.
So I suggest to reflash all devices that have still nemo as username. I also did so, i think it was at update from 3.4 to 4.0 . I think this spared a lot of time and trouble.

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I think I’ve found the reason why the notes can’t be saved or restored!
I looked at the “notes.sql” in the backup-file and it consists mostly of… astronomical orbit data :crazy_face:. They come from the “Stellarium” app.


INSERT INTO notes ("pagenr", "color", "body") VALUES (8, '#00b315', '# ssystem_minor.ini new in Stellarium 0.16, with additions for SoCiS2016.
# Some clean-up can be done when processing this file for V0.16.
# - NEW: split ssystem.ini (planets and moons) available in program folder from ssystem_minor.ini in user data directory.
# - all occurrences of tex_halo (not used as of 0.15 and earlier; already removed.)
# - all occurrences of texture=nomap.png are redundant (now simply loaded as default)
# - all occurences of parent=Sun (default when loading). Keep parent=none for sun.
# - lighting=(true|false) will be ignored (processed like previous "true")
# - color=1.0,1.0,1.0 (now loaded as default; This influences the halo color and should always have at least one component 1.0.)
# Default values in the loader, to be removed from ssystem.ini: 
# - hidden=false
# - halo=true (changed from false: false only SSobserver, EarthObserver and Sun.)
# - albedo=0.25
# - roughness=0.90
# - texmap=nomap.png
# - parent=Sun
# - outgas_intensity=0.10     (comets only)
# - outgas_falloff=0.10       (comets only)
# - dust_widthfactor=1.50     (comets only)
# - dust_lengthfactor=0.4     (comets only)
# - dust_brightnessfactor=1.5 (comets only)

[c2020f3(neowise)] orbit_good = 1000 absolute_magnitude = 7.5 coord_func = comet_orbit orbit_PericenterDistance = 0.294707 type = comet radius = 5 dust_widthfactor = 1.5 dust_lengthfactor = 0.4 orbit_AscendingNode = 61.0111 slope_parameter = 5.2 name = C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) orbit_visualization_period = 2539576.6289147907 orbit_Eccentricity = 0.999191 orbit_ArgOfPericenter = 37.2743 orbit_TimeAtPericenter = 2459034.1812962964 dust_brightnessfactor = 1.5 orbit_Inclination = 128.9373 albedo = 0.1

# Data taken from JPL/HORIZONS
type                        = artificial
absolute_magnitude          = 25.256
slope_parameter             = 0.15
name                        = Tesla Roadster (Starman)
coord_func                  = comet_orbit
radius                      = 1
oblateness                  = 0.0
albedo                      = 1
lighting                    = true
halo                        = true
color                       = 1.0,1.0,1.0
tex_halo                    = star16x16.png
tex_map                     = nomap.png
orbit_Epoch                 = 2458167.500000000
orbit_TimeAtPericenter      = 2458153.5979641485
orbit_PericenterDistance    = 0.9860582813419811
orbit_Eccentricity          = 0.2576842367146164
orbit_ArgOfPericenter       = 177.3364041029062
orbit_AscendingNode         = 317.3183428774018
orbit_Inclination           = 1.085063111224933

name=1998 VF31

Your link refers to flashing an android phone.

My X 10 II already has SFOS installed, so the bootloader is also already unlocked.

Which steps from the linked tutorial are necessary if I want to reflash my X 10 II from a Linux computer?

Step 8 entiteled Flash Sailfish X

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Thanks @ric9k. After posting I had an idea where to search.
At jolla.zendesk.com I found a detailed description.
I was unsure about the sony binary files.

I had an interrupted download which probably explains why I had a similar problem.

While @wetab73 correctly denoted …

… this may also happen at any other time, when a new SailfishOS release is available, see:

To avoid any mishaps (by mistyping or mis-guessing the truly installed SailfishOS release) one may use (as described in the bug report) to bring the SailfishOS installation into a consistent state again:

  1. devel-su
  2. ssu re "$(grep -F VERSION_ID /etc/os-release | cut -s -f 2 -d "=")"
  3. rm -f /var/cache/ssu/features.ini
  4. ssu ur

Then either run post_sfos-upgrade (if sfos-upgrade is installed),
or manually execute the Final clean up steps” (specifically killing the store-client followed by removing its cached SailfishOS upgrade release version info),
plus a zypper ref (if zypper is installed)
and a pkcon refresh (i.e., always when doing this manually instead of using post_sfos-upgrade).


Wow, what a nasty bug! I have never experienced it myself before yesterday.

Luckily, I quickly reacted and only ofono got broken, which I then replaced with the right version. But as can be seen from other posts in this thread, for other people it had much worse consequences… It’s hard to believe that Jolla hasn’t fixed such an awful bug for so long…

From now on, with every new OS update discovered, I will always check if it didn’t mess with it again.

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I one reads this forum regularly, simply switching off the osupdate-check as described in “Workaround b.” is the appropriate solution IMO (until Jolla has fixed this issue). I definitely do not need any update-reminder (rather the contrary).

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