SFOS startup log contains so many errors: How is it possible to function at all?

Trying to investigate why my SFOS Xperia X stucked after update, a question arouse: SFOS startup log contains so many errors: How is it possible for it to function at all?

Any way of differentiating serious from “trivial” errors ?

Do you mean the entries in journal that contain word “Error” or “error”?
There seem to be quite a lot of all kinds of indications but nothing fatal really. I rather like the fact that the device is so verbose adn indicates what is going on there.

Of course the warning level could be set to really high so that nothing less than kernel panics would be logged but what’s the point in that?

Yes, I meant the journal entries.

And how do differentiated the serious ones from the “trivial” ones?

You don’t, it comes with experience. Generally a software developer tries to get rid of any warnings and errors so that if you see one you need to pay attention.


Which implies the SFOS booting is not made by general software developers :wink:

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Haha :smirk: , a software developer has also to prioritize depending on what’s critical or not, timelines, resources, … Don’t forget all the constraints that probably come with those semi-opened bootloaders :angry: .

I’m ok with a good balance between a perfectly clean startup log and a working OS with regular updates like we’ve always got.

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As long thats the case, Im ok… but haven’t been decently tested and a valuable data have been lost with the latest update in my case… I was too destructed while doing the update (I forgot for a moment, that the backup is not offered automatically anymore, but have to be explicitly selected beforehand … and now a hell came up upon me)

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