SFOS SDK debugging stuck with "Waiting for connection from QmlLive Bench…"

With the Sailfish SDK 3.7.4 installed I ran into the following issue many-many times:

QML live bench runs, the target looks online, however the debugger stuck at this point:

Any suggestions how to overcome this, or what else shall I be looking for?

I’d try to explicitly (re)connect by clicking the “Offline/Online” button in the bench.

Does it only happen when debugger is used at the same time?

Could you please tcpdump the communication between bench and host?

tcpdump -w qmllive.pcap --print host and port 10234
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QMLLiveBench is quite fickle at times. Sometimes it starts right away without clicking Online/Offline, other times it is waiting for me to click Online/Offline. As per instruction from @martyone, I try to start LiveBench before compiling.

If I neglect to start LiveBench before compiling, the entire frame of SDK window starts flashing/pulsing which means I cannot open the Tools menu to select LiveBench. The SDK window flashes around 8 times before allowing the Tools menu to be clicked on.

Silly question time @martyone: Where is the terminal in SDK?, how do I open it, where do I find it?, apologies, I’ve asked this before somewhere and do not recall the answer I was given.

Hm that sounds really weird. Which platform are you on?

Please try to collect very detailed steps to reproduce, starting with SDK completely off.

Regarding your question about terminal, if you mean a terminal to enter build commands (qmake, make, gcc…), then you are looking for the sfdk command line tool, which lives in the bin subdirectory of Sailfish SDK installation directory. Build commands can be executed with the help of sfdk build-shell command. Start by reading sfdk --help. On macOS you should ensure you are using modern BASH, on Windows it is recommended to use sfdk under MSYS2.

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Thanks @martyone. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Yes, I meant terminal to enter build commands, thanks for the reminder, much appreciated.

I will try to find the time to reproduce the problem. I have reported as such before, I recall you suggested that I start LiveBench before compiling.

It would be great if you could link that, I couldn’t found any notes on that quickly. I am afraid Window 7 is not going to receive any support, but I will definitely try to reproduce and possibly fix on Windows 10 when you have collected the detailed steps.

Yes Sir!

Please see the log here:

The debugger stucks here:

I have tried to toggle the Offline-Online several times, but it did not helped.

For reference the command I used:

I saw that the platform was mentioned above: I am running it under Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest released SDK.
sudo tcpdump -i usb0 -w qmllive.pcap host and port 10234