Sfos intro suggestion: check the time

I just remembered, that my biggest suprise when switching to sfos was, that I couldnt always see the current time on the screen.

Right now I was browsing the web, and just slided from the right edge to see the time half transparent. this behavior is now perfectly fine for me, once i got used to it. I got to like the additional screenspace (although notifications are an issue sometimes) and checking the time is perfectly easy.

I dont know if the tutorial to sfos got improved already, but I would guess, that this is a thing where many people stumble. So either I was just missing out on that part, or it might be a thing that could be mentioned more specifically in the tutorial as it is a common thing.


This feature was there from right the beginning (i.e. SFOS 1) and got many likes then. Maybe we should emphasize these “old” (and basic) features a little bit more …

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Thats exactly why I shared this :wink: