SFOS 4.x on Xperia Z3 Compact tablet

There’s already a SFOS port for this device. Unfortunately it can’t be upgraded from 3.4 to any higher version.

Given that this port shares similarities to the Xperia X which is still supported this should be durable.

I still find the Xperia Z3 Compact tablet fast, thin and modern hence hoping for a more recent port.

Thread on TMO where people have tried upgrading the device beyond 3.4 and lists the errors: SailfishOS on Sony Z3 Compact Tablet - Page 19 - maemo.org - Talk

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Not a big porter, but

  1. There is a repo for scorpion_windy here: Show nemo:devel:hw:sony:scorpion_windy - SailfishOS Open Build Service (merproject.org)
  2. … which is set to build against newest sailfish release.
  3. however, there is a file with a space in the droid-hal-scorpion_windy package: droidmedia-devel-0.20180302.0__SPACE__10__SPACE__gefad9ac-1.noarch.rpm which causes the (otherwise very simple) “build” to fail. Other packages depending on those then fail too (or rather wait until that is resolved).

So maybe if that file is renamed (or rebuilt so it does not produce that rpm filename) the build can continue, and one can make a flashable image using porters-ci?

Soo, did you succeed in installing/updating the port?

Hmmm… i am not a porter. But someone with knowledge can build ?
That will be great …

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There an open request from @nephros which should fix this: Request 3006 - SailfishOS Open Build Service

I’ll ping the people in the TMO thread to accept this.

… And they have! Thanks!

What is the actual SF for this tablet? I brought this tablet 3 years ago an I was to lazy to switch it to SFOS.
Is it worth to try?

Now evtl. is a fix to upgrade in work…

I too have issues fully upgrading to

[root@Sailfish nemo]# version --dup REFRESHING CACHE AND DOWNLOADING PACKAGES Resolving: 100% Error: nothing provides libpulsecommon-14.2.so needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-12.2.82-1.6.15.jolla.armv7hl Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=39752ms)

You can make upgrade via zypper up
And then remove package gstreamer1.0-droid