SFOS 3.4 @X10: where is the android contacts/gallery sharing checkbox?

Where is it now? By default I see that android apps now can access gallery.
Please don’t tell me that Jolla in 8.1 aliendalvik also silently allowed android to access Contacts with no SFOS setting!?

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Seems like they did. #!#!

Who the hell does that???

Knowing that many apps just refuse to work when you don’t give them permissions, so in SFOS it was easy to give out them permissions and not caring that they could see real contacts/media in 4.4 AD, Jolla didn’t think to mention that they removed the switch and now Android manages it’s access??

Just installed WhatsApp on my XA2 and it asked me permission before accessing gallery.
You can then change the permissions in the “Android settings” part, in Settings > Apps > {your Android app}

Also, please stop being rude.


I only just noticed that this switch is really gone for good on XA2?
What is the status of this switch on Jolla1/C or X (do not have at hands to check)?

I did not notice as the now available android settings (via AD control thanks to @coderus, not to Jolla using a bug or console only) makes it easy to control the android app permissions on the dark side.

Nevertheless; this is definitely going in the wrong direction, imho! No comment on this one

from @Jolla at all.

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