Settings hangs on start


For some time, AFAIR with 4.0.x update, Settings app started to lag at start. I suppose some additional installable component hangs on initialization. It lasts for 6-7 seconds and I can’t do anything (UI hangs). After that period everything works perfectly. Logs shows just bunch of “file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Lipstick/LauncherIcon.qml:30:41: Unable to assign [undefined] to bool” errors.
My question is. does anybody know how to check what process could cause this issue? What comes to my mind to remove/install one component by one but it is hard to determine which packages does what…

Did you try restart the GUI by Hilfsprogramme, or reboot the device completely?

Yep, it is with me for about a year (appeared with 4.0 or 4.1). Considering I have to reboot after 4 days uptime I restarted over 90 times since then :wink:

I see this also, but the lag is only 1-2 seconds.

I bet it has to do with the “Apps” tab being poulated, as entering a setting directly from a Topmenu button does not show this.

Doesn’t matter for me. Eg. bluetooth settings started from top menu also does not respond for some time. But touch events are queued and actions executes after lag ends.

Also not the issue for me. The delay is about 2 seconds. It doesn’t matter via which way I enter the settings (app icon, gps settingspulldown, bluetooth settings pulldown).

@pemek: You mention that you’re seeing the error above in your logs. Would you mind please running the following command on your device and pasting the output here?

cat -n /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Lipstick/LauncherIcon.qml | sed -n -e 20,40p

I tried to follow this up, but the error is showing on line 30 of the LauncherIcon.qml file, which with the default installation only has 29 lines. So it would be good to know what’s happening in this file on your device, in case it sheds some light on what’s going wrong.

So have mine :slight_smile:

cat -n /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Lipstick/LauncherIcon.qml | sed -n -e 18,40p
        18      source: {
        19          if (icon.indexOf(':/') !== -1 || icon.indexOf("data:image/png;base64") === 0) {
        20              return icon
        21          } else if (icon.indexOf('/') === 0) {
        22              return 'file://' + icon
        23          } else if (icon.length) {
        24              return 'image://theme/' + icon
        25          } else {
        26              return ""
        27          }
        28      }
        29  }

Could it be connected with patch manager?

Thanks for following up so rapidly @pemek. It could be connected with patch manager, but then I’d have expected to see changes to this file.

Do you by any chance see the warning experienced by @pherjung in this related thread?

Just for info, I’ve marked the similar bug report about this as tracked.

Yes, libpng error also appears, right before mentioned logs.

Just for info, the libpng warning is usually caused by an image/icon that has been processed through photoshop (maybe other editors, but I recognise this from photoshop), it should not cause any actual errors for the app though but does throw up a warning in console.

Whenever I create or edit in photoshop, there are options for turning this color profile off when saving your image. I make sure to untick it purely so I don’t have to see pointless errors in console.