Settings app can't be opened

Hi, I am a new to Sailfish OS and need some help.
Finally I managed to install Sailfish X on my xperia 10 ii phone, but now I encounter the folloing issues.
First, some of the apps which I downloaded from Jolla store don’t appear on the screen. Even if I uninstall and again install them, they are not visible and can’t open them.
Second and more important thing is, my Settings app. It can not be opened. It worked in the beggining, but now it starts loading and in a while disapeares from the screen. So, I don’t have access to my settings now.
Is there any way to restart an app in Sailfish OS?
Or can I flash my phone again??
Thanks for your help!

OS release has a fix for the issue of not being able to open Settings.
The images will be made available today (i hope).

That is good, but how can I make the update when I don’t have access to Settings?

You should download the Sailfish OS image of from Then install/flash it to your device. This would unfortunately wipe out everything you already have on your phone.

For an over-the-air update, try if you can open the Settings app in this way:

  • pull down the Top Menu
  • tap the gearwheel icon ==> let’s hope this can open the Settings app
  • if you got into the settings of Top Menu, swipe to the right to get to the main section of Settings
  • scroll down to Sailfish OS updates

If you have the developer mode enabled you might be able to launch the Settings app with this command:

devel-su -p jolla-settings

So, if I connect my phone to pc again and repeat the flash process (the one I did when I first install Sailfish OS on my phone) it will not cause any damages to the system?

Does this work?

Thanks for your help.

You could try updating at the commande line :

devel-su              ## Your SSH password is needed here.
ssu release  ## Set the next STOP RELEASE (*) here.
version --dup         ## This will download and install the release above.
reboot                ## The device must be restarted.

which only works if he has activated developper mode, for which he would need access to the settings

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I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to hide my Settings icon from app drawer, to make things neater…lol.

I needed to get back into Settings after messing around, after a bit of a panic, then a laugh, I realised that if you go to Top Menu where we see ambience, settings, etc,…if you long press on a shortcut, it gives the option to go to Settings, it just means you have to ‘swipe back’ to Settings from the page you landed on…this of course, assumes you have the Top Menu active.

As for developer mode and leaving it activated, some say it’s a security risk, but it is a real life saver when it comes to ballsing up your device. I usually always leave my device connected to SSH when fiddling, I rarely fiddle from Terminal itself.