Setting up device on qtCreator

i have problem setting up my device in qtCreator. i followed the instructions provided by and its not the same the window i get with the window used as example on documentation.

i need help please as i am new to this platform

I’m guessing this is a physical device in your hand?

Do you have developer mode turned on?

Settings - Developer Tools - toggle on- make sure remote connection is toggled on too, take note of the ip address on the screen then tap generate for the password, jot it down then try connecting again

It is in fact. It is a Xperia XA2.
I have done all you suggest but I am stuck where it asks for a public key or something, that is the part i can not pass

Did you create and deploy the key in the previous step of the wizard?

The screenshots in wiki are indeed “a little” outdated.

solved it
I just deleted the public key and generated it again