Setting custom nameserver(s) for a ConnMan service, questions

I am using an external DNS resolver and running ConnMan with --nodnsproxy option.
I would like to set custom nameservers for a (cellular) service.

I know that it is possible with connmanctl:

# connmanctl config <service> --nameservers <resolver1_ip> <resolver2_ip>

That command writes configuration value for the specific service under StorageRoot specified in ConnMan’s main configuration file /etc/connman/main.conf (<StorageRoot>/connman/<service>/settings):


I have also FallbackNameservers set in ConnMan’s main configuration.


I am not sure when and where this value is used, though.
Should it be in Nameservers.Configuration when issuing connmanctl services <service>?
This service in question has it empty: Nameservers.Configuration = [ ]

I was wondering that

  • Is this the right way to do this with ConnMan?
  • It is not possible to do ConnMan’s provisioning files because they support only wifi and ethernet interfaces, right?
  • Is this supported in SailfishOS?
  • Has anyone else tried this and got it working?

Thank you for any answers.

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