Serial console terminal application

Dear community,

I am pretty new to SFOS, and I love it.
Question for gurus.
Which application to use for serial via usb console connection to network devices?
How to find necessary parameters to make a connection.
I found that I have a screen application, which I usually using for serial terminal connection to switches from the MacOS terminal app.
Are there any kind of application similar to minicom?

Thank you community for your help and advice.

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some more explanation.
in windows, we can use putty and choose COM port and run serial console connection. In Linux Ubuntu and Fedora, I prefer to use minicom. what are you guys using for serial connection to devices?
thank you.

Have you tried screen?

screen -fa /dev/ttySxx 115200


Also, Iā€™m not sure I understand what you are trying to do.

You have some device connected to the phone with some variant of serial cable, and want to access the console of that device on the phone?

Or want to access the phone via serial console from some other device?

Something else?

I would be very interrested too.
I have a serial antenna that I usb plug on a PC to command a motion control.
I could plug it on the phone and command the machine with accelerometers.
I think it is a similar case as I also use minicom on a tty to send characters to it.
It is like an FTDI cable IIRC.