Sent e-mails don't arrive in sent folder

My e-mail client doesn’t show anything in the sent box, or anything equivalent in my language (Dutch)
I therefore can’t truly tell if a message is sent.
I do see the e-mail appearing and disappearing in the outbox and it works on my thunderbird desktop client.

I use a home e-mail server.

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Which server software?

Yunohost, a server OS based on Debian.

I still have this issue.
I see the additional error: “not connected”
when opening the outbox.

I do notice now that I have a literal sent box.

I have also noticed, that there are some duplicate folders which are only local. This should not be and is in my opinion a bug. It seems that the Mailsetup creates those folders maby because the online folder is not discovered correct via IMAP.
For me, it is:
“Gesendet” (Sent) is there twice with the same nametag
“Postausgang” (Outbox) twice with the same nametag
“Entwurf” and “Entwürfe” (Drafts vs. Drafts)
“Junk” and “Unerwünscht”

On of them is always only local and seems to be prefered target. It would be better, if one could assign folders manually like in Thunderbird.

EDIT: Seems to be a very old issue. Moving e-mails in IMAP account only done locally [closed] -