Senior UI for a bigger market

I am looking forward to your OS on all levels, although i think in a strategic matter that you should make a Senior mode for your phone, the senior market is death, lead by Doro, which is based on old Nokia platforms. Old people are to overwelmed by the smartphone capabilities and hate the Doro slow non-functional menu system, making a middle way inbetween its the way to go, by making a UI which is easy and simple for senior based upon you age, you would have the possebility to overtake the entire Doro market.
Just making this point because the older population are increasing, of course knowing that the population will be more IT literate in 10 years, compared to now.
The lifespand of your phone OS following your age, can also start with kids, giving them more possebilities of evolvement over the course of time having the phone, with access to more complex possebilities the IT brighter they get.

Please consider a Simple UI for Seniors, as the phone market needs expansion on that level too.

Really?, what’s a ‘bigger marked’ mean?, I guess you mean ‘market’.

Yeah, this was suggested on the old forum many years ago, starting with “We need control of font size in the whole UI”, that came from guys my age, where your eyesight after 40 starts rolling down hill, fast.

SFOS is essentially a corporate OS, which has little to do with retired folk. Feel free to write you own OAP layer for SFOS, this would be a purely private endeavour and not something Jolla has the time or money for.

More to the point, can you see 60/70 year olds, flashing SFOS to an unlocked Sony device or any other community device?, maybe me in 10 years perhaps, I’m already 51, but your average user barely knows how to use a damn smartphone, let alone installing other OSes, I say all this because, as you may or may not know, you cannot buy phones in the market place with SFOS already installed, with one exception, a privateer from which I recently bought a Sony device with SFOS installed.

My parents are in their mid 70’s, my dad knows NOTHING about phones and almost refuses to learn anything. My mum has an ageing Samsung GT-something and an iPad, what she knows about them, I can write on a postage stamp and still have room for a new version of the bible.

Senior UI…really?, does Android or Apple have anything similar?, and what’s Apple worth?, how many staff?. …sorry if this reads like I’m attacking you, I’m not, I just see very little point in this even being put on the table, especially with the whole plethora of current versions of SFOS scattered over a minority of unfinished devices/projects (Jolla1, cough).

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At least the font size is changeable in the display settings nowadays.

Yeah, and that took many iterations of the OS for that to happen in recent years, not something that was tackled quickly by Jolla, but , yes, we have that control now, which is nice :slight_smile:

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Jolla once flashed an adapted version of SFOS on a (Nokia) feature phone. It was just a proof of concept for a fair but sadly this never lead nowhere, even that the feature phone market would be highly interesting for Jolla, with billions of people in the world and in developping countries using feature phones in their daily lives. Unfortunately this opportunity was missed and now you have the Google sponsored KaiOS spreading in these markets. But like others mentioned before, without a ready to use device you can forget this market. And a least, you can increase the font size of your SFOS device also if this doesn’t nake a feature phone out of the device :slight_smile:

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No your right my spelling can be wrong and to comment on that for me, is okay, thanks.
No Android & Apple does not have a Senior UI, the only company i have seen doing it is Realme, a Chinese phone maker, where you can choose a simple mode, bigger font and bigger icons.
Yet im talking of a even more simple version, where only the simplest tasks are available and you right i could just make a theme app their could solve this problem.
Yes your right that no old person would be able to FLASH anything, i just had the feeling the Jolla project had a hardware model in the making, my mistake.

I apologies for my naive assesment of the Jolla project and was actually just send here by costumer service.

Many Regards

Hey, no worries, no need to apologise at all, keep the ideas coming!, but perhaps to check the older Jolla forum where sooooo many suggestions have been made but have never come to fruition. at - you can no longer post or answer questions there, but it can be searched and search itself is not totally reliable if I recall.