Send screen to tv

i currently have sailfish installed in a oneplus one. is there any miracast application to send the screen to the tv?

Have a gander at this from developer coderus;


I’d also look at Jupii (both in store and here).
It can send the grabbed screen over DLNA, although the performance isn’t so good.

Well, Jupii works nicely I have to say. After experiencing some problems and chatting to the dev, he suggested to use it this way:

  • open the app and do NOT select any device. Instead, just swype left and populate your list with items you want to play.
  • go to your tv app, select jupii and operate everything from there.

I have not had any performance issues since…

Right, but then you are not doing screen capture?
Streaming of already encoded files to a playback device works great.

I had missed that browsability like you describe had been added, or maybe it was always there. As you mention, that will be the way many TVs will need to be handled (not necessarily by app, but by whatever remote control one uses).

Well, no:) I wanted to share on a side note a way to use the app that irons out most of its performance issues

Thank you very much, I’ve tried it and it works fine. But you can’t access the browser only to what you have stored in your mobile.

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In Jupii settings you can enable screen capture to show up in the “add” menu, however, performance isn’t fit for watching movies. At least not on my device/network.

I have not the chance to test it now, but once the ‘screen capture’ appears in the add menu, I wonder whether you can make it work also by connecting the app the way described above…