[Selling] Sony Xperia XZ2 compact moss green

I offer here my Sony Xperia XZ2 compact H8324 in rare but super nice color moss green. It is used but in a really good condition. It has a very small quirk (see 3rd picture) on the frame. The screen was changed (by a repair shop, I wanted it to be done well :wink: ) The display has none of the often described problems with erratic and hypersensitive screen, as far as I could tell, operating errors are due to sausage fingers :wink:
Installed is SFOS

Of course, I can not give a warranty on a used purchase. I ship from Germany, but of course also happy within the EU. I’m asking for 220€ including shipping.

Ich biete hier mein Sony Xperia XZ2 compact H8324 in in der seltenen aber superschönen Farbe moosgrün an. Es ist gebraucht, aber in einem wirklich guten Zustand. Es hat eine sehr kleine Macke (siehe 3. Bild) am Rahmen. Der Bildschirm wurde gewechselt (von einer Reparaturwerkstatt, ich wollte, dass es gut gemacht wird :wink: ) Das Display hat keines der oft beschriebenen Probleme mit erratischem und hypersensitivem Bildschirm, soweit ich das feststellen konnte, sind Fehlbedienungen auf Wurstfinger zurück zu führen :wink:
Installiert ist SFOS

Natürlich kann ich bei einem Gebrauchtkauf keine Gewährleistung geben. Ich verschicke aus Deutschland, aber natürlich auch gern innerhalb der EU. Meine Preisvorstellung sind 220€ inklusive Versand.


Very good looking phone !!!
It doesn´t have android support, does it ??

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Well, yes and no. As it is a ported device, it doesn’t have Android AppSupport (I think that is what Alien Dalvik is called now, right?).
But it does have waydroid-Support, which can run Android Apps (of course it doesn’t run all Android Apps, like Jolla’s solution, too). Here is an example of Fennec running on waydroid.


Do you know if it has support for notification/GPS in android layer?

Haha, never share a computer and forget to log out.
I’ll check when I’m home.

I found the following:

  1. notifications: I installed Telegram on waydroid and let someone send me a message. I heard a notification sound but I didn’t get a notification in SFOS’s notification area. I don’t know if there are tips&tricks which might resolve that problem
  2. I installed GPSTest from f-droid and got a fix, I guess that counts as support, but I never tried to navigate with an Android App.

If someone would be interested in principle, but finds the price too high: of course I am open to reasonable offers.

Hallo Jauri,

Do you still have this phone for selling ? I would still keep it for €200…
Let me know if that’s ok or just send PM to discuss details, thanks!


Sold, can’t change the title.