(Selling) Sony Xperia XA2 with full version of SailFish

So I have Sony Xperia XA2 with the paid version of SailFish. I’m thinking of selling it forwards, but I don’t think many people cares about sailfish phones and the screen is cracked as you can see from the picture. I’m willing to change the screen, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. What you guys think and what would be appropriate price with cracked screen and without cracked screen?

I bought myself xiaomi redmi 12c, because I just needed a cheap phone. I want to come back to sailfish world, put right know many is thight. Problem with that redmi 12c is that I share my internet from my phone to my pc. 12c gives 7.57 down, while XA2 gives 151.81 down. This is my biggest problem atm.

And if I would sell both of those phones and try to save some money, what sailfish phone would you suggest?

There is no picture visible!

Sorry, I forgot to include the picture :smiley:
I loved this phone, but I need to buy new one and newish sailfish ones are kinda expensive. If someones interested to buy this phone, please contact me. I can sell as it is or I can change the display if you want.