Selling a xperia 10 II running Sailfish OS.
everything works, no scratches, daily driver since June 2021.

€ 250 including shipping within Europe, Germany prevered. Please send a PN to me for photos or questions.

You don’t clarify whether this has Sailfish X “free trial” installed or are selling it with app support and Jolla account for license included. Irrespective of which your pricing does seem optimistic as would expect to get Xperia 10III for this amount.

thanks for your response, i have a jolla account including android app support. if it`s possible to switch it to you, it would be OK for me. What ist your offer?

I sold my Xperia 10 iii for 250€ and i believed it was a fair price…

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This is not possible.

You should also clarify if it’s single or dual SIM.

It is a Dual Sim version. so and its no possible to switch. so if anybody is interestet can send a message to me and we can clarify it 1 to 1