[security issue] Nice link

try the following link in standard browser:


ok, shadow does not work :wink:



I’m not sure that it’s correct calling this a security problem - maybe even misleading.
passwd intentionally is a publicly readable unix file. See this short article about the purpose of passwd. Maybe someone who knows this stuff better (me I only can ‘guess educatedly’) can comment.

In any case: access to the local file system from Browser is a (necessary) feature, not a security issue (but this most probably is a no-brainer).


Exactly my thoughts.

And filing as a bug like here I do not get at all.
Just try this on a Jolla1 with
Or on a current debian/ubuntu/… system.

Maybe related to the new firejail hardening? But then it might be more a feature request to hide /etc/password? I do not know if the browser or applications inside would need to read it.

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@cy8aer: Can you elaborate on this?