Security Code is not reset after reset on Jolla Phone 3.4.0

I just bought a second hand Jolla Phone with the latest update and dealer has correctly done a reset. I started the phone and completed the wizard, I didn’t set a security code and once I finished the process, followed the tutorial I had to enter the old security code…

So, I’m just curious if it’s an old bug which is resolved with Sailfish If anyone with a spare device can test, it could be nice.

It is a bit hard to follow what you are saying…

Are you saying the tutorial somehow caused a lock-code to be activated, and an old pre-reset one at that?

Yes. I don’t know if it’s related to the tutorial.

That sounds impossible.
You are not confusing it with SIM PIN?

There is no SIM card inside.

A factory reset using recevory mode removed everything correctly.

That is quite interesting. I never could do a factory reset without the correct device lock code. It wasn’t possible for me to enter the recovery mode. But it’s quite sime year’s ago. So maybe things have changed.

Well, because I couldn’t enter the “correct” security code, I had to disable it to do a factory reset…

I don’t get that. I have to enter my device lock every time I want to change some settings like for disabling it. Quite a funny bug I you had I think.

This means that I misspoke. In my case, the phone has been reset (via Settings). Before the reset, there was a security code.

Once I started the phone after the reset, I declined the possibility to insert a new security code. After I followed all tutorials and wanted to use it, I had to insert a security code. The old one.

Just tested with someone and actually devices are now automatically encrypted. There is no more ability to skip this part and user will insert pin inserted to encrypt his device.