Secondhand Sailfish OS

Hi, I bought an used Xperia 10 II with Sailfish OS. I logged into my old Jolla account with it and it seems to check OS updates, allows software install, etc. but trying to install F-Droid or Aptoide just fails. (gives very generic error) I don’t know how to debug this. What might be going on? Does Alien Dalvik require some setup?

edit: or do I need to buy a personal license for the OS?

SFOS can be used for free or with paid license to benefit Android support, predictive text input, etc.
Did the phone you bought have a license?
The license is tight to the buyer’s account AND to the device.

So, if the seller had a license and accepts, they could give/sell you the account so you can use the license.
Or, you can buy a license yourself.
Or, you can use SFOS free version.

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I can buy the license for support. After buying, how can I install the Alien Dalvik?

Alien Dalvik becomes visible in Jolla Store after purchasing a license, tap and install.

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It can be (at least was, for me) long to install. Be patient, it says “installing” and finally works.
I don’t know exactly how long. Last time I did it during watching a movie. So if time unit is ‘movie’, I’d say between 0.1 and 1 time unit. :slight_smile:

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It also can be, that it’s necessary to delete the Jolla account on the phone, reboot and then reinstall the Jolla account, before the Android support + Predictive text input gets visible in the Jolla store. (For the case it doesn’t work as said above)

Got it work after buying the OS. Took some time but android support appeared to store without tricks. Thanks.