Second SIM stays tied to XA2 after being removed (Ghost SIM)

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 1
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): Xperia XA2 - Dual SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?


In order to check functions on Xperia 10 ii before installing SFOS i removed the second SIM from my actually used XA2 Dual -SIM. Both SIM cards are for German D1 network (GSM 900 Hz frequency). The first one Congstar (low budget provider from Telekom), the second one Telekom.
Outbound calls form Xperia 10 ii work well. On inbound calls not the Xperia 10 ii Dual - SIM rings which holds the SIM card but the old XA2 which doesn’t hold a SIM card for the called number any more!
Even better, it won’t stop ringing until i dismiss the call via touchscreen actively.
In consequence my second SIM is tied to my XA2 forever for incoming calls (Ghost SIM card)! :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :upside_down_face: :joy:

If i use my first SIM card (Congstar) to test the Xperia 10 ii inbound and outbound calls work fine.
Disabling the SIM on the XA2, restarting it many times, move the the first SIM to the card slot for the second SIM and restarting, leaving the XA2 device for half a day in order for the provider to update - nothing helped.
If i pick up the call to the ghost SIM card in XA2 (phone number tied SIM is not inserted there but in new phone) i can make a normal phone call.
If the XA2 is turned off and the second SIM is inserted in the new phone i get the signal indicating the line is occupied / no service.
If no SIM is inserted in XA2 device at all and i call the seconds cards number inserted to the new phone i get occupied / no service signal.



  1. see description
  2. use Xperia XA2 (multiple OS versions over time) with two german D1 SIM cards (belonging to one company and its affiliate)
  3. use phone in this configuration for 1 - 2 years, travel around europe
  4. remove second SIM and insert it to Android phone
  5. inbound phone calls are still received by the Xperia XA2 not containing SIM any more


Inbound calls to second SIM are routed to new phone containing the SIM card and not to the phone not containing the SIM card tied to the number.


Phone not containing SIM card any more rings on inbound calls and doesn’t stop until call is dismissed on touch screen.


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It sounds a lot like you mixed up which SIM is which.
This behaviour should be impossible for so many reasons.

Check that calling a third phone shows the incoming number you expect?

On XA2 with removed second (Telekom, Ghost) SIM card i don’t get the dialog to choose from which SIM to make the call any more.
So calls form old XA2 with removed second SIM are only possible via first (Congstar) SIM unless i reinstall the second SIM (Telekom, Ghost).
Calls made via first SIM (Congstar) from XA2 work totally normal. If i call my second SIM (Telekom) form XA2 with the firstt SIM (Congstar) installed - second SIM (Telekom) in new Xperia 10 ii - i get a occupied / no service signal.

Outbound calls from new Phone (Xperia 10 ii) with installed second SIM (Telekom, Ghost) work totally normal to any number.

Only method that i can imagine would help is to back up XA2, do a factory reset and then restore from back up.
If no one has a better idea i’ll try this in a few days…

Are the SIMs branded enough so you can tell them apart visually?
Try calling “the same” SIM as you think you are using.
And I still suggest you test towards a third party and read the caller ID there.

The OS is not that deeply involved in this. It is mostly between the Modem and SIM, and the modem is not affected by a factory restet.

“Are the SIMs branded enough so you can tell them apart visually?”
Yes, on the second (Telekom, Ghost) there is a pink Telekom brand.

“Try calling “the same” SIM as you think you are using.”
Doing so from XA2 with first (Congstar) SIM installed results in an occupied signal as expected.
Doing so from Xperia 10 ii with second (Telekom, Ghost) installed results in the XA2 with first SIM (Congstar) installed ringing as it is the subject of my bug report.
I have a third (not mobile) phone available but i already described what happens if i make calls from/to this phone. So >“And I still suggest you test towards a third party and read the caller ID there.” doesn’t provide any additional information.

“Modem and SIM, and the modem is not affected by a factory restet.” This brings in a good point: I could try to reset the modem (ophono!?) via command line.
Does any one know a command for this directly?
If no one has an idea for such a command i’ll start to search the net in a few hours or tomorrow for such a command…

“And I still suggest you test towards a third party and read the caller ID there.”
Outbound calls from Xperia 10 ii with second (Telekom, Ghost) SIM installed work normal → Caller ID on not mobile phone is caller ID from second (Telekom, Ghost) SIM card.
Outbound calls from XA2 with first (Congstar) SIM installed work normal → Caller ID is the caller ID of first SIM (Congstar)

Problems occure only on inbound calls for second (Telekom, Ghost) SIM → XA2 receives the call, even if SIM card two is wrapped in aluminum in the refrigerator :crazy_face: :flushed: :alien: :joy:

… and doesn’t stop ringing until you dismiss actively the call on XA2 (!), quit the call just on calling phone won’t be enough!!!

Check call forwarding. For me there is no other explanation for the incoming call.

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Yes, call forwarding was activated! :sneezing_face: :roll_eyes:
Thanks attah and deloptes! Cheers…