Second factor autentication? (2fa)


I’m really happy with my sailfish os, but I would like to have a native second factor authentication app, Currently I use Microsoft one in the android mobile, but I would like to move away, and install something native in sailfish. But I didn’t found any.

There is no 2fa app? I’m complettly newbie in that regard, but seems the 2fa requires a server and the app in the mobile is the client, right?

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There are multiple 2fa apps. I personally use Foil Auth | — Community Repository System but before that I used SailOTP | — Community Repository System



I searched for 2fa and other stuff, and I didn’t found it, now with sailotp in the jolla store, I saw it (installed, and moved one of the 2fa to there).

Thanks a lot!

SailOTP shouldn’t be used anymore because of this issue.

I don’t see any problem in term of security or usability in the issue you’ve linked. Can you give more details?

(I’m faithful to SailOTP since it was the first one and it has Steam support, but happy that we have at least two app for such an important feature!)

I read somewhere that SailOTP won’t be developed anymore, but I don’t remember where I read that. Maybe it’s my memory playing tricks on me.

Anyway, if you want to switch to Foil Auth it’s easy. Just open the app and it will recognize the data from SailOTP and import it.

Thanks, As Sthocs mentioned, I don’t see a security issue using SailOTP. The last update of SailOTP is from this year, (Not only in openrepos, also in jolla store) which I thing is a good sign, that maybe he didn’t had time to fix secondary stuff, but still is working on that.

I don’t see a security issue using SailOTP.

I didn’t like that it stores secrets in plain text, which was why I wrote FoilAuth in the first place.


are you serious :rofl:
at least, you make me laugh

@slava : thanks for your work :+1: