Search in Messages

Some conversations are extremely long, so it’s difficult to find something. Search feature will be very helpful.


I fully agree.
On N900, we had an app called Scout.
You could search in celendar, messages and contacts.
Simple. Useful.
I’ll ask on TMO to see if this could be ported, find the sources and so on.

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Indeed, sometimes there is need search.

A search option is a good idea. It’s something I had on my iPhone, and had forgotten about until I read your post. I support this feature being added and hope that it’s considered in a future update.

So, I made a small python script to search into the messages.
It is not yet the perfect handy solution but works perfectly for me.
It saves time avoiding long scrolling to find something in the messages.
It can be run with qCommand which will open a terminal window to enter the keywords.

Up to 3 keywords can be searched in an AND mode.
One can also filter the results with people’s name.

The script is here on github.

Two questions I’d love to find an answer to, though:
-How can we access the Contacts database contacts.db as simple user ?
-How can I integrate this into the SDK to make a real app?


And for me to find this thread better next time, keywords: SMS search

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