Search bar in Documents app visibility

Is it possible to make the search bar in Documents visible by default?

I do not ask for changing the default settings, since in many cases what one needs is one of the latest documents and in theses cases a visible search bar, keyboard and all, would hide too much. But an optional setting would be great imho. Or perhaps there is a one-liner for the terminal or some config that I could tweak?

There is currently no setting option for this. The initial value of the search field visibility is hard-coded to false.

If you want to change this, it’s in /usr/share/sailfish-office/FileListPage.qml line 32. Change it for:

property bool searchEnabled: true

many thanks for the prompt reply an the helpful information! Idk if I want to mess with stuff in /usr, but at least now I know what I could do about it. :smile:

If you’re using Patchmanager: :slight_smile:

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