SeaPrint - Network printing for SailfishOS

Yes, obviously, if you statically override the contents of a dynamic message it no longer has any use.
Think of it as overriding toner level; if you set it to 100% it doesn’t make it so.

I’ll see if i can add the printer-state-reasons as translatable. Both the fact that there are over 800 of them, and how they are stored might make that not so easy. And no, i will not do it partially - all or nothing (translations themselves can of course still be partial).
I’ll also look in to if for strings where the printer supplies the plaintext, it can be asked to provide those matching the translation (where applicable).


I have added media, media-type, and printer-state-reasons as translatable now.
That is almost 1200 strings in total… have fun! :slight_smile:


Straight from the department of silly gadgets and soon in a SeaPrint near you:

The Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer.

(Setting up WiFi needs an actual Android device and the Alexa app - will look in to if that can be remedied at some point)


User survey time!

Have you printed images as PNG at all?
(I.e. not necessarily a image that was a PNG, but that got transferred as PNG - best transfer format available, or manually selected)
Did it work well and behave as expected? What kind of printer was that?

I’m thinking i should change what SeaPrint does when sending images to the printer, and not apply any fit-to-page etc, same as for JPEGs.
(And where applicable converting to the target format of course).

So this would mean that for Postscript, PDF and raster formats SeaPrint would do fit-to-page, but that it no longer would do that for image formats as intermediaries.

I think things like label printers would be much happier doing the scaling themselves, and anything else would do a pretty good job anyway.

Any opinions?

And of course; if you have other feedback, don’t hesitate to share.

I print occasionally (like once a month) pngs. Printing a screen capture (which is in png format) results in somewhat distorted scale on axle x if I remember correctly. I haven’t given it many thoughts as it works good for my using scenario. Fit-to-page seems to stretch the screen capture from an Xperia 10 II wider. I have a ten years old and badly behaving Samsung SL-M2070 laser printer (after Samsung’s printer business was sold to HP, I guess, it has started to give notifications in French and Turkish on a Windows pc and the actual printing job getting done is best acchived from a pc using a cable, the wireless connection isn’t so reliable). The pngs are printed in couple of seconds when using SeaPrint. That among other things is great in SeaPrint. Thanks!

BTW is there any change to have a wireless scan option to SeaPrint? Or are the manufacturers using proprietary drivers? Wireless scan would be awesome but I can only try to imagine the work it would need.

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Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite optimal. Do note that source and transfer format are rarely the same except for jpeg.
Could you please share the debug info you get by tapping the printer 5 times with no document selected?

Apart from scanning being evil in that too many people use it as a crutch to not properly keep track of digital source documents, there are no standard scanner protocols. Some combination of SANE and CUPS/PAPPL can act as a go-between and behave in a proposed-standard way, but you’d probably be better of just using those more directly. (Can you tell i never scan?)