SeaPrint - Network printing for SailfishOS

Well, there is this one thing…
Apparently converting presentations (odp/ppt/…) doesn’t respect the paper size, or orientation. It ends up creating humongous files when rasterized, at least what i tested with. Rotating to portrait is handled in the next step, but is quite costly there, so would be nice with that working too.

I never enabled more than “text” documents at first, and because of this i never added more formats. But it since kinda slipped my mind to actually do something about it.

Apparently converting presentations (odt/ppt/…) doesn’t respect the paper size, or orientation.

That’s bad indeed. I guess it’s like that even upstream. I’ll try to give a look during the summer holidays and give feedback.

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The (EA) release of Sailfish 4.2 marks wide availability of calligraconverter (in the calligra package).
This enables SeaPrint to print odt/doc(x)/rtf, no update required.

The sharing plugin was also updated just now to add these formats as supported, and to cater for the new sharing infrastructure in 4.2.


in 0.9.6 you added instructions for Calligra. I can´t find something in the app.

It was added to the nag-screen “Optional dependencies are not installed”.
It should show up even if you previously have told it to go away, if (and only if) either poppler-utils or calligra are not installed.

Fellow tree-killers!
SeaPrint 1.0 is approaching, and with that a much smoother experience (primarily for raster-based printing). Conversion and transfer now happens in lock-step (parallel but staggered). This means very big changes under the hood, but little should be visible.

From my very basic testing nothing seems terribly broken, but there is bound to be something amiss.
For the adventurous among you; please help me test.


I installed and try the new beta by printing a file with two pages. The printing page first show 0%, after a while it shows 50% and than 100 %. But while ‘print complete’ was displayed the second page only began to print.

However, the complete-notification has not really moved in time, except from the process being faster, it is still displayed as soon as the print job is fully submitted. Since converting and transferring was combined i needed/wanted a new name, so i went for what should be the most familiar from other systems.

Technically it is “Submitting print job” and “Print job submission success”, but that felt too technical.

There is also no way to track remote progress on page level anyway. Not that i would want to, since “blocking the app” like i do is just annoying to do longer than needed.

Not sure how many trees that was, but the quick tests (jpeg, pdf) worked as expected. Thanks!


yes Seaprint 1b is faster than 9.6.

why do you call the warning-page Nag-screen?

Because i expect and accept that it is mildly annoying, and persistently so, i.e. nagging - unless turned off.

‘Because i expect and accept that it is mildly annoying, and persistently so, i.e. nagging - unless turned off.’

Sorry , i don’t understand you. (and i have translated in to german)

Nagging means persistently annoying. A nag-screen is a screen (view, page, …) that is just that.
Some creative use of google translate gets me Quälschirm - should be understandable, but probably not accurate.

My GF nags me (and my son) more or less every morning. We obviously lack some redeeming quality or the other, otherwise she wouldn’t have to be so persistent in reminding us of our failings. You may have gathered that my GF is perfect. Sadly, this doesn’t help me in the least since she neither reads this forum nor is she inclined to accept this forum as an excuse for all my bad habits (ie. hacking at this hour, SlideShowViews if you insist on knowing). And good night :slight_smile:

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now i understand :+1:. Even it is not translated correctly, I think it is more understandable in German to use ‘Hinweis-Seite anzeigen’ instead of ‘nag-screen anzeigen’

I have see that Point three 'ignore ssl errors ’ in the settings is not translated. I would be help you. in German:

Ignore SSL-Fehler
Um mit selbstsignierten Zertifikaten von Druckern und CUBS-Instanzen arbeiten zu können, müssen SSL-Fehler ignoriert werden.

You wrote that the user do not need to install popper-utils any more for Seaprint 1b. Do you add a option that Seaprint can remove it automatically?

No, i don’t see any point in that. They are quite harmless tools, and something like 200kB in size. If you want to remove it, you can of course do so safely.

If you want to contribute translations, please do so in bulk and in the translation file.
If you are not comfortable with git or github PRs, you may send it to me any other way you want.
I’m sure your fellow Germans would appreciate a complete translation - but i just can’t take it phrase by phrase over the forum.

Ich habe damit noch keinerlei erfahrung. How can I edit the ts-file?

  • I Log-in to github.
  • I Follow your link.
  • And click on the pen Icon on the right site to create a fork
  • Then I Edit the fork file and save it.
    I it right? Or should I do it on an other way?

Edit: In the meantime time i found out that “create a fork” is not the right way?