SDK on SteamOS?

Anyone has experience with arch? Trying to get the sdk working on steam deck and it’s a bit of a pain, .run installer seems to work but no ssh-askpass, virtualbox installation from pacman seems broken too, getting libtinfo5 was a journey itself. Having a ‘mobile’ (not as mobile as a phone/tablet but still, with a bt keyboard and mouse it’s like 1/3 size of a laptop) x86 proper linux seems great, but arch is kind of annoying. Might need to try to get the x86 sfos build working on it, not too many games but still

I’m not sure to understand. Do you try to install the SDK on ArchLinux or on SteamOS, which is based on ArchLinux?

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Steamdeck has desktop mode which is pretty much archlinux just in readonly mode, getting root/write mode is one command away, so generic arch linux instructions should work??? Maybe there’s more differences, no idea
Edit: afaict steamOS is just arch that boots into steam tablet/gaming mode by default, once you boot into desktop mode it’s just arch

The SDK works on my machine running Manjaro. I just needed to install an openssl package.


It may give you some answers:

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Yeah openssl1.1 was needed, do you use docker or vbox?

Docker porunst aeuirnst sr

Sounds like gpt generated, already got yay working so aur packages are a go, rest is also kinda self-evident, if anyone is interested can post my bash-history as there is no build-essentials package so you have to tinker around to get even gcc working
Edit: all the fighting with pgp signing to get CI built packages installed also just proves pgp is wrong tool for the job sadly
Edit2: also I think it ships custom pacman that ignores Sign options in /etc/pacman.conf even when set to Never, it still keeps bugging you about pgp signatures, have to use flags, wonder if auroraOS does the same

My answer? Well I was just annoyed with this limit of 20 chars.


No, the article, it doesn’t really bring any insights outside of ‘steamos’ is a neatly packaged read-only mode arch that boots into steam by default, the claims in it are also false as you can do anything you want once you move into write mode (like the aur packages bit, getting yay compiled is like 5-6 commands away)
Edit: maybe the snaps part hints at needing to recompile the kernel with some modules/configs, so ehh, maybe not so bad

Did you have any luck with openssh-askpass remembering your credentials for github by any chance? Yaying it in kinda works, as in you can paste your access token twice to get it to cooperate, but it never seems to remember (same with lxqt-askpass if you symlink it as ssh-askpass, with email/token it also allows pushes, but also forgetful)
Edit: oh and if anyone is interested in getting similar setup working, forget vbox, docker (non-desktop) with a tweak to .socket and docker-buildx package is all you need

Sorry, I never went so far :confused:

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Ksshaskpass seems to work (probably also requires kwallet and kwallet-pam), symlink /usr/bin/ksshasskpass to /bin/ssh-askpass and should work, just put username in first prompt and token in second, ticking boxes both times

I am late as all heck, but, it might be plausible to do it via Distrobox…? Its already pre-installed in SteamOS (v3.5+)

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