"sdk-manage: acquiring lock..."

As per the title, with regard to console in latest SDK, what is the meaning of this message?, quite often this message is shown for minutes at a time, like the software has hung, but eventually/usually compilation happens.


The meaning is exactly what it says. I’ve found that quite often the reason is that the build engine is refreshing the targets, but it can be caused by quite many things. For example, if you try to run sfdk tools exec <target> in two windows at the same time, you will see the message in the second window. Once you exit the target in the first window, the second window will proceed.

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Just for the sake of information;

Not obvious to me at the time, I was asking SDK to build 6 versions of the same application.

3 versions for 4.2 and 3 versions for 4.3 - no wonder SDK was taking time to ‘acquire-lock’.

Upon realising this, I also found I could disable kits from the Projects tab, reducing the build to only 1 version (aarch64) - now compile time is pretty rapid!

So that’s automatic? Can i turn this off somehow?
It is triggering my Windows Update PTSD. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can disable it with

sfdk engine exec sudo systemctl disable sdk-refresh.timer