SDK Maintenance tool script error

I’m on SDK version 2.2.4, but I haven’t seen a nag to upgrade recently. When I click Help|Check for Updates, I see the green progress bar but I get no output.

So I tried the SDK Maintenance Tool Update Components function and after quickly downloading some repo stuff, it show the following error message:

Exception while loading the component script “/tmp/remoterepo-7ax1MW/org.merproject.mersdk/installscript.qs”: SyntaxError: Unexpected token `’ on line number: 393

At this point, I can’t do anything but OK the error message and quit the tool. If I look at the tmp file before quitting the Maintenance Tool cleans it up, I can see the line in question, but I don’t have the knowledge to attempt to debug the problem.

Is this fixable or work-aroundable? Is my installed version too old to upgrade? Should I just remove the existing SDK version and start over with a fresh install (will the Maintenance Tool successfully uninstall the old one?)

Newer SDKs seem to have different mappings for files it tries to download. Fresh install worked for me (though my emulator opens in black screen which never resolves, but I think it’s unrelated) and is probably the easiest solution.

Your version is too old. Re-installation is the only reliable option in this case.

On macOS and Linux you should also manually remove the old configuration under ~/.config/Sailfish*SDK (on Windows configuration is removed during uninstallation).

Thanks for the tips! BTW, Jolla, an error message might have been nice from the Maintenance Tool, though . . . :frowning:

That did it all right.I installed SDK 3.2.10 after successfully using previously installed maintenance tool to remove old version and removing the old config manually.