[SDK 3.8.3 EA] Repeated "[D] SOFT ASSERT" messages

The SDK 3.8.3 EA seems to be quite solid so far, but I keep getting this debug message over and over and over again:

[D] SOFT ASSERT: "path == QDir::cleanPath(path)" in file ../../../../sailfish-qtcreator/src/libs/sfdk/virtualmachine.cpp, line 750

The lines appearing in the SDK is not so bad, I can just filter them out. But running e.g. sfdk build-shell is almost unusable, because the line is printed after every character I type. The same goes for pretty much every sfdk command I have run. I can try to ignore them and simply touch-type, but it gets tiresome quite fast.

I’m running the SDK on Manjaro Linux, but I can test it on an Ubuntu setup, too.

Most likely the assertion fails on your SDK workspace path. Workspace path defaults to your user home directory unless you change it either during SDK installation or later in the IDE through Options > Sailfish OS > Build Engine > Workspace folder, where you can also check the currently used path.

If the assertion fails, then it means your path contain some redundancy like extra "." or ".." components or extra path separators (e.g. multiple leading slashes).

If you do not see anything like that in the UI, then I would suggest you to temporarily change the path and set it back, using a clean path.

I set the workspace path in the installer to be /home/user/SFOS/ and that was the value shown. I set the path to something else and back to that again, and this time the field showed /home/user/SFOS without the trailing slash. So, it seems that the installer doesn’t strip the trailing slash, and that seems to be the cause of the issue.

Now there are no asserts anymore. Thanks for help!

Noted down, will fix at some point. Thanks.

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