[SDK 3.6.6] Unable to install with docker on Debian 11

I am using Debian 11 and trying to install the latest SDK 3.6.6 but even with more than 100GB available, it says I have no space left to install.

[7265369] Warning: Step 1/5 : FROM scratch\n
[7265369] Warning:  ---> \nStep 2/5 : ADD sailfish.tar /\n
[7265379] Warning:  ---> Using cache\n ---> c2b6e67fbf90\n
[7265379] Warning: Step 3/5 : LABEL SharedInstall=\"/home/samule/SailfishOS\"       SharedHome=\"/home/samule\"       SharedSrc=\"/home/samule/Projects/SailfishOS\"       SharedTarget=\"/home/samule/SailfishOS/mersdk/targets\"       SharedConfig=\"/home/samule/SailfishOS/vmshare\"       SharedSsh=\"/home/samule/SailfishOS/mersdk/ssh\"       SshPort=\"2222\"       DBusPort=\"7777\"\n
[7265379] Warning:  ---> Using cache\n ---> 686f29abf4ff\nStep 4/5 : RUN chown -R --from=mersdk \"964169819\" /etc/mersdk /home/mersdk /srv/mer;     usermod -u \"964169819\" mersdk\n
[7267968] Warning:  ---> Running in 518f6bcbeb39\n
[9591971] Warning: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): write /var/log/lastlog: no space left on device\n

The same works fine with Windows 10 + Docker Desktop 4.2.0

The place where Docker stores its data is /var/lib/docker by default. In case of Docker-based SDK installation, if /var/lib/docker is on different filesystem than /home, you need to ensure that you have enough free space on both. Due to the way Docker works, there is also higher requirement for the free space during installation (not more than 15 GB).

Yes, that’s why I think there is a reproducible bug here, at least in every Debian 11 base-system. I have more than 140GB free-space available. I tried on both machines (personal and workstation) with Debian 11.

Paste the output of df -h /var/lib/docker/ /home please.

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1       213G   59G  143G  30% /
/dev/sda1       213G   59G  143G  30% /

Be also aware of the cgroupsv2 issue, without going back to the old structure the build container won’t work properly. Maybe also make another post tagging Jolla staff in this thread. Issues with installing sailfish sdk (docker) with debian bullseye (11) - #11 by Juanro49

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Maybe your issue with the build is actually the crgroups issue, too.

You’ve got an interesting UID 964169819. It makes me think you maybe forgot to tell us your Debian is running under some kind of virtual machine (container, …) or it is a shared machine where disk quotas apply? :slight_smile: Just guessing, I am sorry.

No no, that is the workstation in my office: I am connected to Azure/AD domain as user (using pbis-open); that’s why I have this strange ID…

Yep, this solution worked also from me!
But I also hope for a better solution in the next release…

@vige Additionally, now, after resuming from suspend, I can’t start the container again, too. If have to reboot for it to work again.

Intresting. Perhaps the docker daemon ends up in some funny state. Have you tried restarting it?

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I tried an restarting the docker daemon helps. This is not a problem at all for any other container, though. There seem to be no errors in the log from docker about it, either.