Screenprotector Experience / Xperia 10 II

Hi all,

my Journey to the perfect Screenprotector for my Xperia 10 II takes 3 trials. Please don’t understand this as an advertisement - this is only my personal experience.

First, I bought a simple standard screen protector. In German there is a de-facto standard word for this type of screen protectors. They’re called “Panzerglas”
→ The Screen looks clear and good, but there was a small disadvantage. If you swipe from the right side, my thumb get stuck on the corner of the screen protector glass, because it was not rounded.

So I decide do try a screen protector foil. Some screen foils advertise with “fits to your curved display”. The foil type was (dull [hope its the correct translation for “matt”]).
→ The foil was nice to touch and there were no problems with stucking thumbs when swiping anymore, but my sony has an OLED screen, and the dull foil changed the screen to a bad “diffusing” looking.

Last try: Screen proctor Glass with “curved edges”.
→ Now the screen colors looking very good, and there are no trouble with swiping any more. So I will prefer this type of Screenprotectors.

A few example pictures:

If someone is interested. I post the name of the 3 products.


Yes, please post the exact name of the last/best one. And maybe also of the protective case you’re using.

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Product No. 3 was
"Cadorabo 3x Panzer Folie 2nd Version " → Amazon Link

My Case ( Imak Conicse Cowboy Hard Case Cover for Sony Xperia 10 II) is a little bit slippery - maybe someone has a better recommendation?

This case is perfect for me:
Amazon link

Sorry, I don’t have other camera to share a picture of my phone

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Normally I bought screen protectors for all my phones, but for the 10 II I decided to skip it to see how it would go. After some months the screen seems still perfectly fine without a single scratch. The phone usually sits in the same pocket as my keys, so I haven’t been treating it gently for sure.

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I recently attached that to my XA2. Now I have to press really hard for the phone to recognize touch.
This is especially challenging for swipes that start outside the screen: If it notices the touch too late, it will be mistaken for the other type of swipe …