Screen Fading Out And In Quickly

On my Xperia 10 iii for the last few weeks, and up to and including the latest release, my screen occasionally just fades out to blank momentarily and then comes back again. Nothing stops working and the fade lasts just a second. Light conditions are constant and it only happens whilst I am typing or scrolling. I hesitate to report it as a bug since the effect lasts almost no time at all and there is no loss of function, but would be interested to hear if anybody else also experiences this phenomenon?

Do you use Meecast Lock Screen Widget?

and solution from @carmenfdezb:


Indeed I do. That is the only change I have made to my phone, other than updating to the latest release, for some time - and only because the Jolla weather app/event view no longer works. I had thought about this (as it was the only change made), but didn’t see how an app/plugin or whatever could affect the OS management of the screen in this way. But now this seems to be confirmed as the culprit. Thanks.

There’s another occasional bug that I don’t see very often – the proximity detector sometimes blanks the screen!