Save screenshots to sdcard

Screenshots should be saved to sdcard if camera pictures are saved there. Or have a separate setting.

It would be consistant with the camera app. And it would make it easier to use screenshots on the Android side.

(I tried symlinking but that didn’t work)


Look in /usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/VolumeControl directory, and open Screenshot.qml. There’s a line that says ‘var folderPath = + “/Screenshots/”’ I don’t know the exact syntax to change it to sdcard, but that would do it, if you figure it out…

OK, I got it, simple - I just changed it to ‘var folderPath = “/media/sdcard/BB34-0DF6/”’, and it works. (you’ll need to change “BB34-0DF6” to whatever label your sdcard is…)
It will save to the root of the sdcard. If you want to create a different folder you it, just add it to the path.

Ok, thanks. I might do that even though I’m not very keen on patching the system files.

Note that when you change that directory, you will no longer be taken to your screenshots when you tap the pop-up notification that says, “screenshot taken, tap to view…”, because the Gallery app looks in the Screenshots directory for them. You can fix that by opening /usr/share/jolla-gallery/Gallery.qml, and find the lines that say something like “file path… standard path picture +” screenshot"", and change it to file path “/run/media/nemo/(sdcard label)/”.

Maybe @coderus can add the option to ScreenTapShot app…