[SALE] - Xperia 10iii 128GB dual SIM + Sony Case [cracked screen]

Hi there,
First post on here, and hope it doesn’t get taken off. :slight_smile: :pray:

Anyhow, I cannot seem to get any traction on selling my unused Xperia 10iii. It has been sitting in my drawer for almost a year unused since I cracked the screen. The repair of the crack was almost as much as replacing the device so I replaced it, as I couldn’t afford to be without a phone for 3 weeks.

The crack is minor but, since it was new at the time I wanted to replace it, but couldn’t afford to.

I’m based in Lisbon Portugal and willing to ship across EU-Europe.

I’ll share images below. I hope this helps.

I’m including the OE protective case, and as you can see it is boxed

As you can see, there is signs of damage to the screen and the case, from the fall it took. I feel terrible selling it in this condition but also, would rather not have it in the drawer abandoned. Anyone looking for a deal please get in touch.

Hi , you can ship wit Sailfish OS preinstalled( with free version ), do you accept PayPal ?Thanks

first is most important, what’s the price?

Hi @raf111 & @lolek thanks for the replies.
I am selling and shipping the device with the stock Sony Xperia flavour of android.

I bought it for 488€ in July 2021. I’m sure a screen replacement is cheaper today than it was last year. Naturally, I understand that the 10iv is out. So it’s up for grabs!

I am looking for something in the region of 200€


Can someone advise me what their buying price limit would be for this device?

Since you are a new user to the forum, although this device is supposedly factory unlocked (not talking about SIM unlocked) I would have liked to see screenshot showing that Bootloader unlock = YES.

With respect I would not personally pay more €230 for an immaculate example 10III now and if you factor in replacement screen @ €115 (not including fitting charge which entails complete disassembly) perhaps can see how optimistic you have been.

If you had pitched it about €70 it would probably have been snapped up.


Excellent thanks for your feedback! Not understanding the market is a large part of my problem. I will produce a picture of the bootloader later this week. :slight_smile: