[SALE] Xperia 10 DualSIM, Selling SailfishOS device


do you have experience with selling Xperia with SailfishOS? I want to sell my Xperia 10. The problem is with open bootloader, I don’t want to sell it as Android, but also want to keep my Jolla account.

Thank you.

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You’d like to sell it with SailfishOS on it:
I suggest a reset, so the device has still sailfish installed but non of your data and no accounts (including no jolla account of yours).


You can also just refresh it with free version.


Is there any section on this forum for selling? I suppose that this page is the best for selling SailfishOS devices. :slight_smile:

AFAIK if you sell the device you have to transfer the license (if it is the commercial that you have). There is information on the jolla.com faq AFAIR. You contact Jolla via support and they transfer the license and fix your account. It was discussed on together in different discussions - just search for “transfer license”

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Do I have to transfer the license or is it possible to sell the phone without it? I think it should be possible to buy another license for the same device for different account?

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I don’t know - just ask Jolla Support

You don’t need to if you use free version. Note that transfer is only possible to the same type of device under new conditions from Jolla. From XA2 to XA2. But please check with Jolla support for exact conditions.

You can flash free version there. So without your license.

Me too. And the free one can be upgraded to full one later on.

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My experience after buying a used SFOS phone is, that the paid licence is gone after making a new Jolla account and entering the new credential into the phone. Further, a new free licence must be acquired in the shop. For a full licence the 50 Euro must be paid again.

The other way for the buyer to keep all benefits and the paid licence is to take over the sellers account as it is. and the seller makes a new account for himself.

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Source? I didn’t think the “free license” really was a token of some sort, just an implicit grant to use the software without a (active) paid license.

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Source is my experience after buying a used Sailfish phone and what the Jolla support told me with reference to their licence agreement.


Sure - it is written on the FAQ page - the license is per device and account - this is why you have to contact Jolla to transfer the license.

You can still use the images to flash another device without a license

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So is there a topic for selling devices? I want to sell my Xperia 10 dual sim, but I don’t want to create another topic for it.

Bump, I’m looking to buy one myself for testing before I jump in with both feet! I’d love to buy someones no longer used one; I hate electronics in landfills!

change the title to selling xperia 10 … and there you go

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Don’t know how to change the title on mobile, but I am selling the Xperia 10.

just click on the header …
i think.

Sell it to me. What is the price?

I don’t know how much it is worth now.