Sailslack - Abandoned or Maintained?

Does anyone know if Sailslack is still maintained?

Now that Slackfish doesn’t work any more this is now the only native app left that can be used to access Slack.

Its a useful app (in fact one of my native go to apps) which allows native access to the Slack collaboration tool. It still works (mainly fine) on both 32 bit and 64 bit phones but there are some bugs.

For example messages come in from a contact, but are often displayed out of order - so the latest message can often be buried somewhere in the middle of a lengthy stream of 100’s messsages and therefore difficult to find. Another bug is the notification of unread messages is almost always wrong (the wrong number of unread messages).

But I don’t know whether its worth even raising these issues if this very useful native app has now been abandoned and this is as good as it will ever get.

Does anyone know, or alternatively if it is abandoned, are there any devs willing to pick it up?

Thanks for starting this discussion!

Yes, Dan and I are the maintainers.
Yes! we could use some help if someone could chime in. There are a couple of refactoring branches that stalled because we didn’t have the time we’d wished.

And yes! File bugs:) Maybe that should get us started again. (We don’t use “analytics” y’know:)

Context: I filed a couple of pull requests previously and Dan did review and release the end result, so I am pretty confident help will not be disregarded.

P.S. I think Sailslack is a fork of Slackfish.

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I am too very excited of this app.
Slack is now the de facto standard for many companies.
I will be really appreciate you for maintain and updates.

Thank you.

Where/how do you want bugs filed?

Issues · danvratil/harbour-sailslack · GitHub should do it. Thanks!