Sailjail issues with Pure Maps

Just wanted to give short feedback regarding issues that I have hit when adjusting Pure Maps to work with Sailjail.

  1. There is no way I can allow DBus communication with some other app. While we can register ownership of DBus service, I don’t see any way we can allow communication between apps. As a result, for Jolla Store version, it is impossible to get data from local OSM Scout Server when requesting map matching service. There is a feedback thread at Sailjail and D-Bus interaction between apps , but so far we don’t have any solution for moving forward with it. No replies from Jolla devs either.

  2. Currently, SFOS does not have any TTS service. To make TTS possible, we have to call separate command utilities (mimic or picotts). Again, Sailjail doesn’t allow it. Obviously, having a proper TTS API would be a way forward. Topic has been discussed long time ago without any “official” response at Text to Speech (TTS) service and API -

I think these were the main roadblocks for Pure Maps and hopefully it is of some use to document it and provide as a feedback.


One other thing I noticed, ever since Fernschreiber switched to geo:// urls (for the same sandboxing restrictions) is that pure maps uri handler is still sandboxed and doesnt work (would work without).