SailJail error when opening hydrogen

I borrowed a Sailfish device and the user get an blank application when he tries to open hydrogen with this command:

/usr/bin/invoker --type=silica-qt5 --id=harbour-hydrogen --single-instance /usr/bin/sailfish-qml harbour-hydrogen --dbus

And some logs:

invoker: warning: enforcing sandboxing for '/usr/bin/sailfish-qml harbour-hydrogen'
../daemon/sailjailclient.c:808: client_launch_application(): E: Command line does not match template
../daemon/sailjailclient.c:809: client_launch_application(): E: Exec: sailfish-qml harbour-hydrogen
../daemon/sailjailclient.c:812: client_launch_application(): E: Command: /usr/bin/sailfish-qml harbour-hydrogen --dbus
../daemon/sailjailclient.c:814: client_launch_application(): E: Increase verbosity for more information
invoker: warning: application (pid=-1) exit(1) signal(0)

Do you have any idea where the issue is?

Yes, you must use the same binary as specified in the first part of the Exec key in the .desktop file.

So probably sailjail -p harbour-hydrogen /usr/bin/sailfish-qml ...