Sailjail and offline databases - sqlite access rights

i am not sure if i should file a bug.
i have sailkick application, it needs only internet and stores some data into offline database
now in my 4.7 version i have defined Internet as needed permissions.
it seemed to work but only because the db was already there.
so what we have here is: app can read the db from .local/share/oarg.pawelspoon/harbour-sailkick/qml/Offlinestorage/databases… but it can not write into it.
any ideas ?
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this is just a typo?

AFAIK SailJail mounts both paths, the old variant


and the new one


with the former being read-only to enable migration.

Are you sure you are accessing the new path and not the old one?

(Also note that apparently QQMLEngine::offlineStoragePath is not affected/set up by the sailjail launcher like StandardPaths are, you have to set it yourself. At least that is what I have found when evaluating stuff using my little tool.)

no it is not.
oarg is austrian for arg which is something like bad in english
i found it funny

i think that this pretty much describes the behaviour.
i had my old name in the db, so had this issue not until i did uninstall and delete the old path actually.

however i never have defined any paths in my app, just went with the defaults when creating an offline storage.
will check your repo

thanks !

Thanks! I wish I’d had this months ago :slight_smile:

This is what i do btw:

function getDatabase() {
return LS.LocalStorage.openDatabaseSync(“SailKick”, “1.0”, “StorageDatabase”, 100000);

Have you configured the (new) application and organization names in the .desktop file?

Just going through the basics here :slight_smile:

desktop yes:


‘configured’ the app maybe not. you mean something on start ?
i have set Organization exactly once, so maybe not

here is my main:
int main(int argc, char *argv[])

return SailfishApp::main(argc, argv);


i fear it is in my code. just saw something …
thanks !

yes, lovely javascript :slight_smile: i missed to pass a parameter …