Sailgo, Tsumego and online go

I’m starting a discussion here to get some feedback about getting an online play capable go client going.

SailGo is, in it’s current form, not really a candidate since it doesn’t account for current exchange formats.

Tsumego, on the other hand deals with SGF files and, as such, already implements data structures that might get us to, for instance OGS interoperability. OGS has a javascript library which could probably be readily integrated in Tsumego (which is QML+JS) but OGS warns about the current state of the library.

Other things to look at:

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Hi, while I’m the current maintainer for Tsumego on OR, I just forked, packaged it and added some UI changes because I wanted to run it on larger screen devices.

Chimrod did the original version, but he and the code repos are gone.

I don’t consider myself developer, so to anyone, feel free to fork and improve what is there if you think the codebase is useful.

I can also handle PRs and publishing on OR if desired.

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Sure thing. I thought I’d: 1. get a grip on the js in Tsumego, 2. See how the exchange with OGS works from their library to see if that might be a direction.

Let us know which repo we should work against?

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Oh I just realized I never published it. I have github, gitlab and codeberg accounts. Which one would you prefer?

I’m github partial. Makes PR merging easier. Thanks!

OK, should soon be available at

I’m cleaning it up a little, so wait a bit with cloning (EDIT: finished :wink: ).

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