Sailfishsecrets not allowed in harbour apps?


I recently started developing an app with the idea of publishing it in the jolla store when it’s done. So I’ve been reading up on the conditions for that.

I’m using sailfishsecrets to store credentials (I don’t want to store credentials plain-text, obviously), which seems like a well-thought-out and usable approach to storing secrets (and even encrypting/decrypting other information that the app stores elsewhere on the device).

However, it seems that it is not on the allowed list of libraries to require? How am I supposed to use this service in my app then?




Distribute it via instead of Jolla Store

Yeah, I was going to do that anyway, but I’d like to publish to both. I guess that’s not going to happen though (also found some other threads here lamenting the limited choice of apps in the jolla store, I guess I found out why :wink: )

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Yeah, they seem to have some pretty arbitrary limitations put in place for Jolla Store which makes it unviable for some of the better apps available in the Openrepos.

maybe @vige can help you

I’m afraid I can’t really help much with this. To me it seems the API is still evolving, i.e. not considered stable enough to be allowed in Harbour. But I don’t really have enough knowledge about this API and what kind of plans exist for it.

May I suggest you add a question about it to the agenda of the Community meeting on IRC 29th Oct 2020, so that we can get an answer from the sailors who know more about the topic?