SailfishOS users meeting in Munich

Next week on Wednesday, 10th we’d like to meet with some uses in Munich.
Traditionally the venue is Gleiswirtschaft at Giesinger Bahnhof. We plan to meet at 19:30. Please let us know, that we can reserve enough seats.

If you like you could also join our (low traffic) mailing list at: Muc Infoseite

According to new Corono/Covid19 rules you’ll need a PCR test if you haven’t recovered from a recent infection or up to date vaccination status. (3G+)

Reservation is made on the Name Jolla


Sadly we missed us by a week :frowning:
I was in Munich this week.
But chances are generally not bad on Wednesdays.

But I’ll be in Munich next Wednesday :wink:
I should be able to make it!

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Hah! finally a location that’s only a 5 hour drive away!

I will try to get there, but middle of the week means no guarantees I can make it work.

It sounds like you are doing these meetups regularly?

What a pity.
I think this could be the first Sailfish-Meeting in Munich without you.

So next time you’re in Munich send us a message on the mailing list.

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Well, there’s something in the air that stopped us from do so for the last 18 months. :thinking:
Before we met a few times a year but not really regularly.

It would be nice to have you around, however don’t expect to much, up to now we’re a small group.