[sailfishos/udisks2] Suggestion: Merge Patch-0013 and Patch-0005 into Patch-0004

This issue was filed in August 2020, plus some details added in the following months: [Suggestion] Merge Patch-0013 and Patch-0005 into Patch-0004 (#3) · Issues · mer-core / udisks2 · GitLab

In June 2021, I took the chance (when Jolla started to address the open Merge Requests at https://git.sailfishos.org/ in order to close their Gitlab instance) to bring this to @tomin’s attention (who handled the MRs left open there) and received as reply:

I wrote that down to our task about upgrading udisks2. Hopefully it will be solved once that is worked on.


Yes, I had already added a mention of patch 0013 to the internal comment. I also agree that we should not make these accumulated patches unless there is a good reason to do so. I don’t know why that’s been done here but I know in some other places we have just adjusted the existing patches.

Because mer-core · GitLab has been put into archived state a few days after this little, initial conversation about this issue, and the issue tracker at GitHub - sailfishos/udisks2 is switched off, this issue has to be re-filed here to be able to track and discuss it any longer.

I still would appreciate any feedback on the content of this issue (in contrast to formal feedback, as already provided).

P.S.: Cut & Paste of the core content of this issue (for details, see the original issue report).

[Suggestion] Merge Patch-0013 and Patch-0005 into Patch-0004

Currently rpmbuild is commanded to patch a Patch by Jolla with another Patch by Jolla (edit: “twice”, in the meantime), which is a hard to capture and trace when looking at it spontaneously, hindering easy understanding and hence occasional maintenance.

In this specific case Patch-0005 is rather rectifying, enhancing and superseding Patch-0004 than falling into a different category of functionality, thus IMO they are better merged in this source code repositories than when building the RPM.

If I missed a relevant aspect (e.g., that one of these patches does not originate from Jolla), please denote that and close this issue.

Update in June 2021

Oh, since I filed this issue, Patch-0013 was added, which solely patches a file, which was created per Patch-0004.
Now I understand, that this was the reason, why you had to rebase MR !29 (merged)!

Thus the note for the Jolla internal task IMO should read now:

Merge Patch-0013 and Patch-0005 into Patch-0004, because Patches 13 and 5 are simply additional changes to Patch 4.
Specifically Patch 13 is patching a file, which is actually created by Patch 4: mount-sd@.service (i.e., this file is not part of the original udisks2).

  • IMO this is really hard to notice and fully comprehend, hence error-prone!
  • Plus it complicates trivial merges (as we have seen with MR !29 (merged)), because they have to goto multiple files simultaneously, and may require rebasing, if another such Patch patching a Patch or a MR to a Patch already patching a Patch is employed.
  • Also note that these Patches are even (partially) patching the same line, which makes diffs and merges really ugly.

This seems to be resolved by the convoluted (mammoth) commit c1ef1cd.
Too much in a single commit for me to determine that easily, no proper comments exits what was done and why (and if this fixes this), so I cannot tell for sure, if all aspects reported here are resolved.
Sigh, it would be sooo nice if Jolla would start to provide minimal feedback (instead of nothing, as usual). But these are the right manners to make one cease to care, because this does not feel like participating, rather like supplicating: Why should one contribute to their OS, if it takes nagging for years to get something silently fixed sometimes?