SailfishOS SDK and OpenSSL>1.1.1

I’m trying to update or install the SFOS SDK in Gentoo. I’m aware it’s not officially supported, so this post is more of a long shot.
Essentially, I’m getting errors like the following: QSslSocket: cannot resolve EVP_PKEY_base_id

Having done some online research, it appears that those errors stem from the fact that Qt is linked to an older OpenSSL library (I’m running 3 nowadays).
I’m not sure how OpenSSL is patched on all the supported Linux distributions - all I know is that version 1 is not particularly supported any more in Gentoo for security reasons.

Are there any plans to distribute the SDK linked to newer OpenSSL versions?




Not to answer your question, though I do not think there are open security issues with line v1.x of OpenSSL, it just has been declared EOL by upstream. Thus projects gradually migrate to the line 3.x.

Surely there is already a thread about this.

Could not find one. If there is, I’ll ask for this one to be deleted.

This issue is likely to be addressed in the upcoming SDK release.


Must have happened very recently; openssl 1.1 is still in the Archlinux [core] repository.

See their blog post, where it was set on 11th September 2023.

Might be because it’s still required by many apps

But Archlinux will not support it for long if it’s officially EOL.