Sailfishos 4.3: Browser Tab-Page need more improvements

the new design of the tab page of the browser locks well. But I found some thoughts that could be approved:

  1. it would be enough if they were half the height. The result would be more space for more tabs and the user has less to scroll.

2a. Switch between “normal mode” and “private mode” by swiping left and right. maybe in the bottom row.

2b. Bring back the top swipe menu to do that, I miss it.

  1. close tabs by swiping outwards.

Why did Jolla introduce the menu at the very bottom?


Another feature request would be the ability to tell the browser to open URLs from other apps in private mode. This was possible in the past. Once the browser was in privacy mode, all URIs (e.g. from social media, email etc) were opened in private mode. This is now impossible. The URLs are always opened in normal mode and no way to change the default.