SailfishOS 4.0 seen in the repositories

I’m sorry, the title looks great, but I’ve really no informations on the vision by Jolla about this version, but this number has started to appeared in repo, see:


Version numbers are pointless.


I know that’s why I started the thread with a disclaimer on the fact that I had no information on the actual content behind that version number.

Let’s wait and see what they will actually propose, it was just fun to see this numbering landing in repo.


More or less we all know what is missing from the OS and what is needed. Hence my comment on the pointlessness of numbers.


Oh come on Jolla… we are educated users, no need for a versioning number race ala Chrome :weary:
Especially when half of the Sailfish 3 list is still not implemented… (there were even more elements at the announcement)

(Wow and I wanted to say half to be taunting, but I’ve counted roughly and I don’t think we are at much more than 50% progress :slightly_frowning_face:. Should we do an exhaustive checklist? :ballot_box_with_check: :wink:)


So they have a reason to skip those points from that list, perhaps.

I can imagine development progress that would justify such a version bump. But this is all speculation anyway. Wait and see …

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May i remind you here that lists are also kind of pointless. SFOS moves according to the needs of the customers. Ie. if a customers wants VoLTE we ll have it soon.


As it was already pointed out, version numbers are pointless from the perspective of functionality. On the other hand rising major version may be a powerful marketing tool on one side or a signal of changed approach or direction.
Let’s give them time to do what they are up to. We’ll see the outcome one or another way.
I’m long time Jolla 1 user - still my daily driver. I hope SFOS will continue for a long time. I plan to get latest Xperia in few moths. Fingers crossed.


Oh yes, just copied this part that I still miss:

Full Cloud integration

Access to web folders
Automatic photo syncing


Where I am right now, it’s quite foggy. If I was standing outside, I believe full cloud integration could be achieved quite easily. :crazy_face:

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That’s what I really hope! Especially considering the situation, that (reported in this forum) some providers soon will switch off all the networks <4 and change telephony generally to SIP technology, as I read many times here in this forum.
If this is true, a full SIP functionality is very urgent. (Maybe this is the reason why other things have to wait a little/not been done in the moment…?)

With the whole rest of the SFOS I’m very happy, Thank you Jolla!

And it seems this is not the only place where SFOS 4 is mentiined.
Also in this (accidentally stumbled upon) zendesk article:

This is how it used to be till Sailfish OS version

and then

 This is new from Sailfish 4 onwards
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In other words, there is a new field “Save to” in the contact dialogue.

In other words - this is most welcomed! :+1:


If it comes with a new device - xperia 10 ii e.g. - and an offer for the license, I would not complain about it. :smile:

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Interesting. Even SFOS has The Other Half !