Sailfish X on Xperia X Compact?

I accidently bought an XA2 ultra thinking it would be the same size as an XA2. WOW it is giant. 6" is too much for me. If only my wife felt the same.

Anyways, Barring an XA2, is that compatibility layer for the X compact still working? Is anbox working on it?

I might be able to live without android app support. Otherwise, a standard X. those were solid.

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Anbox is canceled. Android on Xc is 4.4 - fading quickly into unusability… You can pretty much consider it Android-less as far as Sailfish goes. Nice phone, though…

Anbox is superseded by Waydroid, which is available from Chum. It doesn’t work on old kernels, though.

I have a Xperia X compact which is still working with Sailfish - nice little device. I haven’t installed the latest update yet, but imagine it should work as well. But like @levone1 wrote, you’d have to live with the very old Android app support.

Link to the patcher repo:
g7/sailfishx-patcher-f5321: Patcher script that applies the f5321 (Xperia X Compact) compatibility layer on top of official Sailfish X f5121 images (

Can cinfirm 4.5 works as expected on the XC!

I patched a 4.2 image and OTA updated from there.


I’m just thinking that it could be possible to make a port based on lineageos 17.1 and then it could be possible to run newer android apps with anbox or the other docker based Android. Is there a flaw in my thinking?

I’d consider any Xperia Compact devices covered by rinigus port.
X Compact using patched official port ha some serious issues:

  • too high microphone gain: causes echo when talking trough regular and loudspeaker, you have to use headset.
  • low loudspeaker volume
  • android support being stuck on 4.4
  • GPS fix takes like forever
  • general performance suffers as CPU-heavy tasks might get assigned to small CPU cores. Official port uses too old kernel that is not aware of Xperia CPU big-little architecture and makes no difference between performant and efficient cores.
  • there still are some issues with camera focus - it can be kinda mitigated by using Advanced Cam, newer AOSP had some fix for this issue, but sadly official port has not been updated to newer base.
  • lack of USB OTG support

In general this device deserved separate well made/maintained port, kinda similar to XZ1/2 port made by rinigus. But now the device is soo old it might be not worth to make it. I think going for Xperia XZ2 Compact is the way to go, assuming you can live without 3.5 mm headphone jack socket.
TBH if JP1 had at least 2GB of ram, brighter display and 4-core cpu, I’d use it as my daily phone over Xperia. In many ways it does better job than my F5321.

Cool. Have you got a link by hand to the port? I was somehow unable to find it