Sailfish X flash on Xperia 10, "no such file or directory" Mac OS

Trying to flash Sailfish X to my Sony Xperia 10 and when I try to enter either bash ./ or add sudo to the beginning (in Mac OS Terminal) I am getting an error saying “no such file or directory.” Have redownloaded all Sailfish files and rebooted computer and still no luck, any ideas?

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I recon this is the first time that you are using the command line?

Re-downloading Sailfish and rebooting your computer serve absolutely no purpose.

The output of the command is very clear: it is not finding the file you are attempting to use. You have to make sure that you have actually extracted (decompressed) all files as instructed, and that you are issuing the command in the right directory.

MacOS is different to other UNIX-like systems in that it has a ‘unique’ (read: weird) directory structure. Whenever you open the terminal, you are inside your user’s directory by default. If you, say, put all the files in your Downloads folder, then you must type:

cd Downloads/

first. CD stands for ‘change directory’. Of course, you will have to adjust the path to the right directory where you downloaded the files. issue the ‘pwd’ command to double-check that you are in the directory you should be in.

After that installation is really straightforward.

Good luck

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Thank you, was not aware I needed to add file location too.