Sailfish X as a present, or, upgrading from Sailfish Free to paid version


I’d like to give a Xperia XA2 device running Sailfish X as a surprise present to a relative. I already have the device, but it’s still running Android as I haven’t installed Sailfish on it yet (though I have my own XA2 with Sailfish X).

But buying and installing Sailfish X requires a Jolla account; the intended user of the device doesn’t have a Jolla account yet (and even if I could create a Jolla account for them, it doesn’t feel right to do so without that person knowing - and probably would be a violation of law and/or some T&C); and according to the FAQ, the license with the paid features cannot be transferred to another user. So I’m stuck: I can’t buy a license on behalf of the actual user, and can’t use my own Jolla account either as the device/license would then be tied to my own account forever.

I’d still like to preinstall Sailfish on the device before giving it, so that it would be usable for running Sailfish apps right from the start. I’m thinking of installing the Free version of Sailfish; then I could later help the person register a Jolla acoount, purchase the Sailfish X license, and install the extra features. Is this a simple thing to do, or does it require reflashing the device once more?

I found this rather old discussion on TJC which seems to indicate that upgrading from Free to X requires a reflash:

Is this still the only way? I’m wondering if there’s another way, something along the lines of changing the registered Jolla account, buying the license, then downloading the additional apps/features from the Store.

Thanks in advance!

You can buy as many SFOS licences as you want. and instal full SFOS on corresponding number of devices. All devices will be tied to your Jolla account for the Jolla Store usage and updates. This might be an option if the person you intend give a present is close enough. Also there is the possibility to transfer Jolla License to another person manually asking to do so in Jolla Zendesk, this topic was covered in togetherjolla forums.
Me and my wife both are using Xperias with SFOS and both licenses are tied to my Jolla account. Wheather this is illegal I do not know.

EDIT: Transferring license might not be possible anymore, but there is one more suggestion in the discussion:


Bear in mind that it is only Jolla “username” upon account that can’t be changed once created. In the past I have been sold an XA2 with Sailfish X installed and upon safe receipt was given current “username” and “password”, I was able to go to and fill in all my details and change “password” from given one. Primarily license remains attached to device IMEI with “User” being a secondary consideration. When you check “devices” upon this account it shows when Device (IMEI) was originally activated.


Thank you @Ta_das and @aspergerguy for the tips! I will consider those options. I’m still curious about upgrading from Free to the paid version without reflashing.

As far as I understand from your link (opinnions differ in that discussion) and from this help article you do not need to reflash after upgrading. Only you will be able to install additional content available with the full license. While I was installing my Sailfish X, after the installation I got bare OS, uploaded some core apps, but not the Android support immediately. This I installed later. So nothing on the phone prevents from installing content covered by full license, this is matter of account management from Jolla side, which I guess should go smoothly and after the account upgrade for the specific phone the paid content will be available. It is possible that such transition will go easier if there is only one device tied to one account. So it might be good to create separate account for every one device.

@osma: Help article clarified (hopefully).


Thanks for all the help, and for clarifying the article @jovirkku . In the end everything worked out quite well. I was able to install the Free version first and then later upgrade to the full paid version.

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